Why I Blog

While my Mac is still broken along with a little piece of my heart, I decided that I still need to blog.
So today I am joining my first link-up ever (and I have no idea if I'm doing this right??)

Anyways, around Blogland lately people have been writing about why they blog and I wanted to add my two sense.  and I love a reason to write about my opinions, what?

Top 3 Reasons Why I Blog:

Numero Uno (yea I never took Spanish)
I pretend that I am interesting.  But seriously, my life is probably not worth writing about (or reading about) but since I started blogging, I have tried hard to do fun things so I can blog about them. Also, I have always found it interesting to keep track of life and the fun little things in it.  By blogging, I can share them with the world (read: the two bloggers who follow me) and I can also go back and see what fun things I do with my life... now I'm rambling.. I'll move on to number 2.

Numero Dos
All the cool kids were doing it. Actually not really... in real life I don't know anyone who blogs... I think it's sad.  But for a while I was reading blogs all the time and all of you have such fun, exciting lives and I decided you were the cool kids.  So I started blogging to be one of you; hopefully someone thinks I am haha.  But also because I wanted to leave comments without being anonymous on all the blogs, just a thought.
Basically, my readers are fabulous; the blogs I stalk follow are fabulous; maybe one day I'll be fabulous too ;)

Numero Tress
I like to share.  If I read something funny or find fun pictures, I want to tell someone about them.  So you all get the pleasure of listening.. umm reading... what I write.  
I mean seriously... can you do that?

So bloggers, that is why I blog.  And to everyone in my nonblogging life, please don't whining that I blog; you just don't understand and I can't help you.


3 thoughts:

  1. love all these reasons why! and i totally agree. blogging forces me to do exciting things so i have stuff to blog about!

  2. Ha! You and I are seriously in the exact same boat. I'm just starting out and I'm all "My life is boring and I have no idea what I'm doing!!" Also I accidentally deleted my entire layout a few days ago, which is why I finally caved and got a pro to do it!

    1. I'm so close to having someone do it for me! It is exhausting and I don't know what I'm doing (clearly)


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