Homework ADD

Dear homework, I have a distracted brain and you are the last thing on my mind. Sincerely, this blogger.

Hi Bloggers,

I seriously suffer from homework ADD.  Well I probably suffer from all aspects of ADD, in all areas of my life, but when I sit down to work on papers or schoolwork of any kind, I think of a million other things that need to get done.  Currently, I should be finishing up some work but I felt like the blog was being neglected so I'm writing :)
Here is my thought process since sitting down to work on my assignment:
I'm hungry, I need to make dinner, where is my water bottle? I need to wash the dishes in the sink, what was the name of that movie on Fox, what music should I listen to, Oh I love this song, wow this music is distracting me, I wonder if I should write a blog post, I need to make a list of new blog ideas, my bed is covered with things, I need to put them all away, what is the weather going to be tomorrow, what outfit should I wear, where are my brown sandals, the wash needs to be switched, where is my pen, I'm going to make an outline for this paper (third one), I need to make my July calendar, I wonder if I switched the calendar in the kitchen...
You get the idea!
And everytime one of those thoughts comes into my head, I have to process them and complete those tasks.  Because obviously it is more fun to be doing something rather than researching and reading psychology articles (and I enjoy psychology!)  I think it has to do with my constant need to be doing something with my hands and the fact that I cannot ever turn off my brain—keeps me up for hours at night.

By the time this actually gets posted my paper will have been due and hopefully it makes sense since my researching is taking me forever!

Hmmm.... thoughts on homework ADD? Any good tips?


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