Caffeine Detox

Hello Bloggers,

I am in the process of writing and saving a bunch of posts that will be released throughout the week.  I am going to try a caffeine detox and I have been told that the withdrawal effects can be ugly... so in an effort to remain my upbeat self on the blog, I am writing some posts before I begin.  At the end of the whole thing (I give myself a week before caving), I will update you on how awful it actually is.
My adorable giraffe mug; I drink my coffee black
Some people say that I am being stupid and selfish doing the detox this week.  I have a paper due tomorrow morning (it's getting there....), an exam on Tuesday, and two proposal worksheets due on Wednesday.  Those are apparently the reasons that I'm stupid for doing it this week.  The reasons that I'm selfish is that the withdrawal symptoms can be ugly and make you cranky and such... and well on Wednesday night I have a family party to attend (where I am expected to be pleasant) and it's 4th of July weekend which means people galore.  Well, I don't think it's selfish, I think it's brave. I know the behavior that is expected of me and it will be a challenge but I will do it for myself.
Let me know your thoughts

So maybe you are thinking why now? why this? why? just why?
If you don't know me personally, then let me tell you I am addicted to coffee. I drink atleast two cups every morning and I get horribly cranky and unproductive without it.  It is sad actually.  So I want to train myself to go without coffee... I am not giving up coffee.  I just want to prove to myself that I can function without it.  I will go back to drinking coffee, but maybe I'll give up one day a week or tell myself that I don't get to act like a three-year-old when I don't get to enjoy my second cup for the day.  It's a personal journey but I want to do it; scratch that I can do!
If you've ever done a caffeine detox, how'd it go?

As for now, I have a few more posts to finish up, a cup of tea to drink, and a paper to finish by the morning.


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