Link-Ups Galore :)

Oh bloggers I really do have a thing for link-ups.  Two reasons (1) I don't have to come up with my own topic for a post and (2) I make new friends and read awesome stories!
So yours truly is partaking in not one, not two, but three link-ups in one post. Overkill, probably. Do I care, I think not.

Okay so first is a link-up I've done before. Five on Friday :)

one // lazy days with the puppy were a staple this week, I can't say I'm complaining

two // this is pretty standard when it came to my mornings this week; the iPad is my mom's not mine.  She's a doll and let's us wonderous children borrow it--so great for morning blog reading :)

three // WHERE HAS SUMMER GONE?!?! it is almost time to go back to school, and I will say I'm complaining

four // my desire to travel has been at an all time high this week; I love reading about where everyone ins traveling to right and where you've been.  Keep it coming!

five // rainy days = lazy days

And moving right along :)
Next, I found this link-up today through a few friends I follow and I wanna play along.
A song / a book / a quote / a look (or sbql)

song // sweater weather by the neighbourhood
book // I'd like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had by Tony Danza
quote // the ampersand reminds us that nothing truly lasts forever but there is always an "and"
look // obviously not for right now but I miss my red coat and want another!

And finally I'm joining the party and adding a song. Link up with Whitney!!

And since I know that everyone is totally enjoying ready to kill me my link-ups galore, I've got one all lined up for tomorrow too! But I promise it's just one and not three.


3 thoughts:

  1. Link ups are great! Mostly because they brought me here!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I love link-ups too (in case anyone was wondering)

  2. I'm so glad you played a long... I love that you love linkups. I had never really done them before but I am pretty pleased that people even like SBQL - nevermind want to do it too. Your "look" of the week makes me both depressed and excited for Christmas.


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