Let's Talk about Stress

Hey there Bloggers!
It is no surprise (or it shouldn't be) that I don't handle stress very well and that I tend to get myself all overwhelmed and worked up over everything!  It is a habit I cannot kick...

But since it is the start of a new college semester and we all know that college tends to be stressful, I found this fun little graphic to help everyone out :)


Kind of fun, right??
Okay so anyway I wanted to also add my two sense (in the form of tips for managing stress):

one // exercise is your best friend when you are stressed! I promise! I would not lie about this because this girl can be lazy as a sack of potatoes when she wants to be.  Go for a walk, run 5 miles, jump rope, pump some iron... it all releases endorphins!

two // take a time out.  Seriously step back from everything. Take a deep breathe. Close your eyes and count backwards (slowly) from ten.

three // TAKE A NAP! I'm being serious. If you are feeling very, very overwhelmed then take a serious break from everything.  Set your alarm for 45 minutes and snooze it out.  Even if you don't sleep, this time away (r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g) will help your mind feel more at ease.

Now I'm off to organize my life (aka this semester)


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