Homegirl Needs a Hobby

Surely I do most things to appease myself and IRL I'd never be able to say homegirl but it's fun and I wanted to so I did (on my blog).  Okay end rant.

Help a girl out!
I am in serious need of a hobby.  Like a real one, right now!  I feel like a bump on a log, does anyone say that anymore/did anyone ever say that...  Okay but for real.  I blog, I read, I facebook stalk (but I actually hate facebook), I go shopping (I'm pretty much a pro), and pretty soon I'll be back in school--which means classes, homework, projects, organization meetings, etc.  But I need to have a hobby.  Something fun, something for me, something that I'll actually do.

Here are some of my ideas.  Comment with yours or your thoughts on mine.  Help a girl out!

boxing // I mean seriously, how cool would it be if people were like "woah look at your arms, what's your workout like?" and I could be all like "dude I box"  OMG I crack myself up (and I don't talk like that IRL).  But I do really want to try it, mostly because of this post by Meghan; hello cute boxing gloves! How do I go about getting into this??

kickboxing // Because it looks fun and I'm all about jumping on the bandwagon.  Problem is none of the gyms out in the middle of nowhere (where my school is located) have kickboxing.  Have you ever tired it at home with DVDs or online classes? Will I get the same work out of it?

guitar // I've been saying it for years and years.  I really wanna know how to play but I don't want to buy a guitar/spend all that money and just quit a little while later.  Plus I feel like people who play instruments can sing for the most and let's just say the birds don't come sit on my windows when I bust out in song.

hiking // Which I swear I'd do like everyday if someone would go with me.  I hate doing stuff by myself... what if I get lost? Better to get lost with a friend than by myself.  But my middle of nowhere school does have some pretty places so I might have to take this one up on my own just to do it.

Things I wish I was good at 
// Okay so here's a list of things I've tried but I can never stick with because (a) I get bored or (b) I get bored.
// Scrapbooking--seriously some people make it look easy, mine never look good.  
// Sewing--this one I'm actually fairly good at, until I get stuck and quit forever
// Dancing--my momma should have never let this girl quit. I wish I could dance!
// Baking--again, I'm actually good at this but ain't nobody got time for that (or the money)

Alright enough of my pity party! Please give me some suggestions on hobbies that you've done, you do, or you think I should try.  I'll love you forever!


8 thoughts:

  1. I wish I was really good at all of those things on your list, too! It's always fun to pick up new hobbies. Currently mine is photography... I'm obsessed. You should try!

    1. OMG I wanna be a photographer so bad! I feel like it's such a cool thing to do... maybe I'll try it :)

  2. hey... you blog- that's a hobby right?!

    1. blogging is for certain a hobby; one that I thoroughly enjoy too. I just feel like I need to do something else... the feeling will probably pass haha :)

  3. i vote for kickboxing. super ba and you get fit! double the win

    1. Kickboxing is definitely my #1 choice!! I've been wanting to do it for so long

  4. try MMA fighting...it's a mix of fighting styles (including boxing) and is huge right now...it's also the most amazing workout because it trains every single muscle in your body. i don't do it because i don't like it when sweaty people touch me but if i weren't so anal, then i'd totally do that! so when people as you "do you workout?" you can say "yeah, I do MMA". how badass is that?!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. Thanks for that idea Kathy!! I'm about to go Google it now
      I'm always looking for something new and that could be my next thing :)


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