Would Work For:

Hi Bloggers,

Today I am joining a fun link-up "Would Work For" (and it's Wednesday... oh how I love alliteration)!

Okay but to the point, for this link-up you write about what you would work for (besides money I'm assuming, since obviously most people make money).  I don't have a great way of explain it so head over to Living in Yellow for the details.

So what would I work for?

one // The apartment of my dreams, decorated all nice and pretty like my Pinterest boards show! Hey a girl can dream can't she :)
Hello cute office space in a closet
two // A target shopping spree with no budget.  I have an obsession but it's okay because I admit it right??

three // To have a personal chef cook whatever I want, whenever I want it.  Hello to delicious food that I don't have to lift a finger to make.  Wow I sound pretty superficial right now....

four // To get a teaching position right after graduating!! That would make my stress levels go down so much! And I am working my butt off in school to make this happen.  Cross your fingers for me!

five // To travel to all 50 states (or at least the 48 continental states).  I want to travel so bad and what better way to start then to exhaust all my options stateside.  I mean I'll go abroad if someone wants to fork over the money!

six // Blog comments. But seriously, I love to read them and I comment back most of the time! I try to post interesting stuff for you all to read (tell me what I'm doing wrong)

seven // Everything that got deleted off my Mac to magically come back to me! I miss my pictures and my music more than my documents but I kind of need some of that stuff for school. Hello trying to graduate and I had the most perfect resume! Please don't get on me for not backing it up... I've heard it all, I know.

And now I'll stop before I (a) get all mad about my missing files or (b) start sounding way too superficial.  But now it's your turn! Go over to Living in Yellow and join the fun!


4 thoughts:

  1. can you have a plus one for your target trip?!

  2. I hear ya on getting a teaching job! I used to teach and having a hard time finding a job going back! Also- I'm a total middle child too... haha but it's fun! Glad I found you from the link up! :)

    1. Yay for middle children!! :) I'm going to check out your post now


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