Happy September

.... I'm only a few days late right? ;)

Goodbye beautiful summer nights, I will miss you.  But I am excited for the Fall days and changing leafs and all that good stuff.  Hello breezy nights and days full of sweaters and scarves.

So bloggers, I have been MIA and I don't have a reason... oops.  Mostly it is just school kicking my butt back into semester mode and I am not taking it well (read--I hate waking up early).  Who decided college classes could start at 8am anyway?? UGH!

But I wanted to throw in my September Wish List:
Oh how I L.O.V.E. fall!

one // sweater leggings

two // boots

three // this sweater

four // apple cider donuts

five // seasonal coffee

What are you excited for this Fall season?


4 thoughts:

  1. give me that sweater now! I love it!

    I nominated you or a liebster today on my blog! I can't wait to see your answers!

    1. You are the sweetest!!! :)
      I have heard of the liebster award before but I never really understood it. Do I just answers the questions, tag a new friend, and post?

      ps- I know, I need that sweater!

  2. yes to it alll.... plus comfort food, can't wait xx


    1. Oh I love comfort food!! I have never been so excited for Fall before :)


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