Liebster Award (what?)

Seriously right now I feel like the most popular kid in school (or blogland, whichever you prefer).  Allison over at Forget the Time nominated me for the Liebster Award!!! THANK YOU ALLISON!
Okay so for you really smart kids who don't really know what this award is, I'll tell you! Basically you nominate a super cool new blog that you love so that other people can check them out too! At least in my head that's what it is (please correct me if I got that wrong).

11 Fun Facts About Me:

one // I'm a lefty and I'm proud (also my handwriting doesn't suck)

two // I constantly have music playing; I cannot sit (stand, dance, walk, etc) without music

three // I adore giraffes

four // Nothing makes me smile like getting letters in the mail (especially the unexpected ones)

five // I own five pairs of TOMS Shoes and I really want so many others that have come out!

six // I went through a phase where I hated pizza... please don't hate me. I now would eat pizza everyday if people would let me (ps- It's National Cheese Pizza day)

seven // I believe in colored pens, where each color is used for a different topic or category in notes or life

eight // I could not imagine life without my mother

nine // I wish that I had all white bedding because I think it looks modern and clean. I'd probably ruin it

ten // I don't wake up to text messages... if you want me awake, call me.

eleven // Usually I love lists but this was the hardest thing ever for me... so strange.

11 Questions:
How do you handle managing your blog and "real life"?
Well... I was really good at it this summer when I had a break from school.  But now that the semester has started up again, I feel like a terrible blogger :(  But I have lots of new ideas and posts lined up for the next week!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who put their dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty... I know it's a "first world problem"but it drives me crazy!!

What is the best blog post you've written so far?
Well one of the most popular (most viewed) posts is the tattoo debate.

What is your favorite movie and why?
This is such a hard question for me but I'd have to say The Sandlot simply because I can watch it 707060352 times and not get tired of it.

What is your favorite social media?

Tell me who your hero is and why.
My mother.  She is seriously the greatest and I would be lost without her.

Wizards or Vampires?
I'm gonna take this as Harry Potter or Twilight, so Harry Potter (aka Wizards)

When are the happiest?
When I'm with family and/or friends and I don't need to worry about something I have to do in the next 2.5 seconds

What is your favorite quote?
... I love lots of quotes but I'll go with this one:
"Ampersand; resembling a broken infinity, the ampersand reminds us that nothing truly lasts forever but there is always an AND"

Why did you start blogging?
Hmm... two reasons. (1) I was reading blogs for a while and I thought I wanna do that--I'm nowhere near as cool as those blogs.  (2) I love to write, I feel a need to write down my thoughts and such so here I am.

Favorite food to eat on your "cheat" day.
I don't have "cheat" days? All days I eat what I want, that's just how I live my life. But I love chicken enchiladas, I'd eat them any day of the week...

My Eleven Questions:
1. Why did you decide to join the blogging world?
2. What is your favorite breakfast food?
3. What is one thing you want to do before you die?
4. What song would you choose as your "theme song"?
5. If you could be anyone else for one day who would you be and why?
6. Sweet or Salty?
7. What is your favorite blog post (that you've written)?
8. Describe the perfect date.
9. Name 3 places on your travel list.
10. What is your favorite movie or tv show?
11. What is your favorite quote?

I am nominating...
Babbling Brookelyn because she has been my most loyal follower/friend and I couldn't thank her enough for that :)
siddathornton because I love her blog!!
everyone else who reads this because that is how I am :)


2 thoughts:

  1. Holy shit, you are on your game. That was fast.
    First of all, while white sheets looks really good, they get dirty so fast. I learned that lesson the hard way. Second, I don't eat pizza unless I have too. Third, I also love mail! I just hate the bills.

    1. I felt like I had to do while I was thinking about (and had time).
      I figured white sheets would just be a bad decision.... I just love the look of them and white pillows with white comforters; such a clean look until someone actually sleeps in them haha. And I didn't even think of the bills... eww. Definitely the downside to getting mail!!


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