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to my insomnia.  I actually don't believe that this blog has ever had to deal with my insomnia. Consider yourselves lucky; it is NOT a fun time.  I'm all like crazy chick can't sleep! and I'm exhausted but my brain won't turn off!  Seriously... it is awful.  But since it seems like it is here to stay, I figured I'd make the most of it and actually post something again. Strange concept...blogging on my blog.

I was going to actually post a picture of myself at this hour after trying to sleep for a bit, but I'm just not pretty after a certain time of day.  This is after that time.

Anyway, since I am awake and feeling strangely productive I'll share some trip(-in-the-making) plans.  Thailand. Seriously, I wanna go!  There is this amazing program where you do what I call a "volunteer vacation."  Basically, you volunteer your time and resources (basically yourself) and in return you get to vacay in a beautiful country.  And by vacay, I mean you work while you are there and volunteer your time.  Okay, so we've got the volunteering part down.  But it is so awesome.  I wanna wake up with elephants near me and I want to help people!  Here is the link for the program that I am looking at http://www.volunteerhq.org/volunteer-in-thailand.
So cool, right? (Well, I guess you have to click the link first and check it out before you can answer).  But I could teach some awesome people English in a school and stay with a beautiful family.  I could learn about their culture and be immersed in their world.  I just love the whole idea.  It is so fantastic and I don't say that about everything.  Or if I'm not feeling teaching (but when am I not feeling teaching??), I could do field work like building a school, painting a building, building a water tank (??), or helping with a garden! It all sounds super great and I'm not being sarcastic in the least!!! I really want to go!
 I am contemplating going myself because seriously, who am I gonna convince to give up their life for 3 months and live in Thailand with me??  Any takers??

Thailand has my heart right now!


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    1. here is seriously nothing more I want to do right now! What a cool experience, right?


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