I don't believe in Black Friday

So I'm back for another round of Five on Friday.  This time, it's the Black Friday edition.  But my opinions about Black Friday vary from those of most people.  I don't like Black Friday, I don't support Black Friday, and I don't believe in Black Friday....

So today, I'm going to give you five good reasons why I don't.

one // Seriously.... only in American can we spend one day being thankful for all that we have and the next day running people over with shopping carts just to get something new.
two // I don't do the cold. For real... I'm not trying to camp out in the cold for hours on end just to pay $100 less for a tv. No siree!
three // Crowds are not for me. I have no patience to wait in line for 3 hours just to be let into a store where I may or may not get what I need and then wait another hour in line just to pay for it.  Nah, I'll pay the extra money to get something nice for the people I love and I'll do it all without the crowds.
four // I actually enjoy my sleep.  I cannot even fathom shopping at 3am, 4am, 7am... hello these are days off! I'm gonna use them properly; I'll be in my bed, with a cup of coffee, and some movies.
five // People deserve a day off.  Seriously... did you ever think about the poor person who has to be at work from 2am just so you can shop at some ridiculous hour? They have families too, ya know?
So all you crazies have fun today! I'll be chillin' in my bed, maybe venturing out for a coffee or a muffin. And if you stop by tomorrow, I have some announcements for the blog ;)


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