Find Your Tribe

This is not what I had originally planned to post today but I read it on Thursday night and it has stuck with me.  So change of plans here on the blog, what else is new? :)

Jennifer Pastiloff wrote this quote little "poem," for lack of a better word, about finding your tribe. I'm in love with it!

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The challenge is to explain who you are.  Start your sentence with "I am _____"

Here is mine: I am apologetic, organized, perceptive, lover of coffee, loyal, obsessive at times, overly sensitive, moody and emotional, compassionate, loving, fun, quirky, a free spirit, a Jersey girl, a giggler, a stealer of covers, and a blogger.

Take the challenge with me and start your sentence; find your tribe!


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  1. I am the father of seven, 3 daughters born to me, 3 sons shared with me through marriage, and 1 son I inherited through God's sheer amazing grace. I am lucky to have all of them and relish in their individual talents, and still wonder every day about where they will go in this world. I am a husband and that is hard for me right now ( I will just let that be for now ). I am son, brother, and friend. I am a leader albeit a bit lost right now. I am a sports official ( football and lacrosse). But most of all I am just John and have been trying to find my way back home and into the hearts of those I love and of those who love me. I am hopeful of second chances. I am a believer in redemption and the fabric of love that binds my tribe together. Simply put I am blessed to be where I am and hopeful to travel this path to the end with those I love! - JW


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