Christmas Stopped By

I could talk for days about my love of Thanksgiving and all the wondrous food that everyone stuffs their little bellies with.  But, I wanted to take a break from that for all of my readers' sake.  I mean, you know I love Thanksgiving, I hope you love Thanksgiving, but it's time to move forward.  As in we are moving towards Christmas!! HOORAY! Seriously, I'm a child at heart and I adore all the winter holidays!! If only we could celebrate them without the freezing cold of the northeast.... too much to ask for?

Anyway Christmas has officially stopped by my momma's house and I could not be happier!!  Here is some proof of the decorations we put up! Now, get be getting ahead of yourselves.  The tree is not up yet... mostly because we don't have one yet... and also because my sister wasn't home to decorate it with us.  Yes, we still decorate the tree as a family! What fun would it be to do it alone??

My excited for Christmas is real!! The countdown for the end of the semester is on :)


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