My Seven Day Vacation

Yessire! You read that correctly.... yesterday marked the last day of my seven day vacation!! Hello Hunting Day (yesterday).  Hahaha. Let me introduce you all to a wonderful thing out here in Lancaster County, PA called Hunting Day aka "I don't have school and I have nothing to do" Day.

So really Hunting Day is the first day of Hunting Season and since that is a big deal out here, no one has school.  I mean, I 'll take it.  No school, no homework, extra sleep, extra coffee. Fabulous.
My other thoughts on Hunting Day are probably not as polite.  Mostly because I don't understand hunting... but I guess if you eat it, I don't mind as much.  Just don't brag about what you killed to me... all I see is bambi :(  Also, get your gross pictures off my Facebook.... it's just rude and totally ruins my appetite.  I think that I handled that without being too rude... I'm not the hunting, fishing, killing animals type.
Hmmm... but I am all caught up on my sleep and looking forward to seeing my second graders again today! ((I'll already have been at school by the time anyone is reading this...))


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