The Sunday Currently {6}


reading. MindBodyGreen articles like it is my job. Oh how I wish I was paid to read interesting things.

writing. My bucket list, a few new posts for the upcoming week, a lesson plan, and last week's reflection for school.

listening. CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! It is December 1st after all :)

thinking. That life can simple if we let it. Forgiveness should be given even when it is not asked for. And coffee is a fabulous thing.

smelling. Fresh morning coffee!

wishing. That weekends lasted longer...

wearing. My pajamas because it's Sunday and I can

loving. The freedom of having my own blog and finally realizing that I cannot please everyone.

wanting. To be on a warm beach somewhere.

needing. To get my butt to the gym......

feeling. Antsy... I need a new adventure and I need it soon!


1 thoughts:

  1. I have been wearing pajamas all day too. And I need to get a workout in. I haven't worked out for a week in favor of doing some housework that I've been putting off. Visiting from the link-up. :)


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