Endlessly Changing Horizon

In this life we are only given endless opportunities.  There are opportunities that we can take and opportunities that we deny ourselves.  I am not saying that denying ourselves these opportunities is the worst thing in the world, but I am saying that opportunities await those who want to take them!

I have recently realized how many opportunities there are in my life. I have begun the process of applying to school districts around the country. I don't want to limit myself because of my past experiences, I want to have an open world of possibilities.

I want to travel, I want to see the world, I want to be open to all the experiences that the world has to offer.  I wish the world was more forgiving because I believe that everyone deserves the chance to dream and believe without having to worry about financial means.

Obviously, you need to eventually grow up and figure out your life and how to earn a living.  But who decided that 23 was the right age to have your life in order? I certainly don't and I don't plan on having it figured out in three months. And for the first time in my life, I'm ok with that.

I think it is really important to have new experiences and to be open to an ever-changing world.


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  1. i think you have the right idea. I'm 29 and i still don't have my life completely figured out. i think there is great beauty in life your life with an open palm. if we ball up our hands in fists, we will miss out on some very wonderful, beautiful experiences! one step at a time. keep us posted on your job offers and such. so exciting!


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