Happy Sunday

Snuggles with this guy
I'm a happy little lady today! But first I think we should talk about the fact that it is 7:30am while I type this AND I lost an hour of sleep! How's that for waking up before my alarm and feeling pretty good about it? :)

Now on to why this little lady is happy happy happy today! Honestly, I don't think I have one  (or even two or three) specific reasons. I just woke up in the best of moods. And I'm not about to start complaining.

Yesterday, I went to Delaware to see my little sister. It was a good day. We just had lunch and did some shopping.  But really it was just about being together and talking. We tend to have a great time when we are together and yesterday was no exception. She is growing up and do things I would never have imagined. And so yesterday, we bought her two blazers... she's such a grown up now :(

Today is going to be filled with lesson plan writing, coffee drinking, house cleaning, and all while the sun is shining! I'm beginning to think the sunshine is one of the reasons for my great mood. I mean after this winter we've been through! We deserved that beautiful day yesterday! And we deserve for it to stay nice (go away snow storm that is coming at the end of the week!).

Now I'll share some quick weekend links of what I'm reading and loving and pinning:

So many yummy smoothie choices

This fossil watch is just so pretty

TOMS. Everyday. I already have the classics, flats, and boots

While I mostly drink my coffee black, this DIY french vanilla creamer is something I'm going to try

A thank you letter. Simple but true. Go read it.

Now I'm off to drink my coffee and pretend I have another day left in this weekend!


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