I'm the Kind of Girl Who...

is most comfortable in a t-shirt and yoga pants

can spend all day watching baseball and not be bored

snorts when she laughs.

sings loudly in the car (and sometimes to strangers at red lights)

over analyzes everything

prefers bar food over a five star restaurant

dreams big

wears a million bracelets because I love how they sound when they slide down my arm

loves to play in the rain

will never be on a diet (because I love food too much)

runs around barefoot but owns forty pairs of shoes

laughs at myself

drinks her coffee black most days, but adds cream and sugar other times

wears her heart on her sleeve and feels everything very deeply

gets excited over a letter in the mail

drives without shoes on


1 thoughts:

  1. diets are overrated anyway, nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time!


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