Teacher Recruitment Day (the pre show)

Let me paint a picture for you:
I'm sitting on my couch with my roommate's cat curled up next to me.  The tv is playing Music Choice Alternative in the background. I have two pens in my hair, because I keep "losing" them... I have about sixteen pens sprawled out on the floor around the couch. I have my resume and transcript on the table, and my portfolio is on the floor in front of me. My teacher recruitment card and folder are filled out and under the cat. My phone is fielding emails and texts and Facebook notifications. I'm on my second glass of iced tea (which is a time consuming thing because I make each glass fresh from boiled water... don't ask me why I don't just make a pitcher because I'd probably just put a straw in that and drink all as one big glass. I have two word documents open and a notebook next to me, as well as about fourteen (it really is fourteen, I counted) school district websites open.

This is me preparing for Teacher Recruitment Day... sigh. Hopefully, I'm not this paranoid when it comes to each interview that I ever have. I don't think my nerves could handle that. I'm taking notes and coming up with questions. I already eliminated a few districts from my search because they just don't suit my needs and/or wants at this time. I'm trying not to be picking. I have school districts from Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona on my list to talk to tomorrow. I submitted applications to schools and districts in New Jersey, North Carolina, and Tennessee at this time. I'm not so much nervous about the job hunt. I'm nervous about not getting a job, not impressing someone. And then what if I do catch someone's eye and they offer me a job far away from the life I've always known... then what? Life is hard, but not impossible.

If you have any words of wisdom or encouragement or anything they would be greatly appreciated!

As for me, I'll be scouring these websites, singing my little heart out to Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, and Pearl Jam, drinking my ice tea, and pretending that I'm not freaking out!


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