Smiling on Monday

Happy Monday!! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I know that I did, despite all the rain.

Shout out to my momma for running the Philly Love Run in the "soaking rain" and to my sister and her friend for standing in the rain with me to cheer her on!! We had fun and made the most of a really wet weekend.

But today, I wanna talk about today. Monday. Monday's usually stink. Mostly because it's the end of the weekend, and that's never fun. But today didn't stink! And while I was driving home from the store, I had a thought. Mondays don't have to stink. They can be good days. It truly is a mind-set. And I'm choosing to be happy.
So "Smiling on Monday" is/was born. Starting today, I am going to post a weekly (Monday) post about why I'm happy.

5 Reasons I'm Happy Today:
1. I found out, through a parent, that my kids (aka my students aka my firsties) don't like weekends because they love school! Such a feel good when someone says they want to come to school "to do science, and math, and kid writing." I love my kiddies!
2. It was almost 60ยบ today! Which meant my windows were down, my music was loud, and I was smiling while driving!
3. I went for a run for the first time in MONTHS!!! Seriously, it felt painful and awful at first but I kept going and it got easier! -- If you have Nike+ let's be friends :)
4. White bean chili. Enough said.
5. Snuggly cats sitting on the couch with me while I complete lesson plans and important forms.
BONUS Happy Thought:: Tomorrow starts April and that's my birthday month!

Have a fabulous week!


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