Relay for Life

As I sit here in my purple t-shirt from last, a purple bracelet on each wrist, and what remains of my purple nail polish, I can't help but feel sad already. For those of you who don't know, purple is the color of the cancer survivor ribbon. And it is also the color that Relay for Life is surrounded by.

My college Relay for Life was last night and I just woke up. My whole body hurts, I can't think straight (so don't judge me too harshly if this post isn't perfect), and I'm feeling a yearning for it to be yesterday morning instead of this morning.

This morning after business is sad because now Relay doesn't happen for another 365 days (approximately). But I'm actually really sad this year because I graduate in May. And while this really doesn't have to mean anything in terms of Relay and my participation; it does mean that I will leave my college Relay behind.

This year, I went to Relay--a 12 hour event dedicated to finishing the fight against cancer and creating a world with more birthdays--after being at student teaching all day. At the end of the night, I had been awake for more than 24 hours. I had danced my heart out, did kick boxing at 10pm, walked approximately seven miles, and even though I was tired, I knew that I wasn't the one who gets to complain. I have a healthy life and the ability to participate in this event for the millions of people who cannot. For the millions of people who have lost their battle to that dreaded "C" word.
Can't have Relay without selfies :)
So yes, my body hurts this morning. But not nearly as much as the body of those currently fighting this battle. Not nearly as much as the ache in the hearts of the people who have lost someone to this battle. And I may not have slept for 24 hours, but that is one day. Cancer doesn't take any days, hours, minutes, or even seconds off.
So happy that my best friends were there with me!
One day we will live in a world where cancer is a disease of the past. But for now, we will keep fighting. We will continue to Relay. We will continue to remember. And we will continue to make a difference.

To everyone who attends a Relay for Life event, who donates money to this events, and to anyone who has been affected by this terrible disease: just know that you are loved and you are appreciated. We would not be here together without each and every one of you.
Our names/note on the "HOPE" poster!
Now I'm off to find some coffee, a movie, and a blanket.


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