Weekly Reads

Happy Tuesday night/Wednesday morning! I cannot believe how quickly time slips away from me.
I've been reading plenty lately... writing little. But I'm getting back into it so stay with me!

This week's reads:

A friend's experience with the 100 Happy Days.  I'm participating as well, follow my instagram for updates :)

I'm always reading about Introverts. It's an addiction I suppose. But I just love to read about others who like and feel like I do.

The power of positive thinking. It can make you happier!

Trending: #IamTom. Always sharing my love for TOMS and everything they do!

A great piece on accepting your body and being a peace with your life.

Erika gives her review of Lean In, which I now want to read!

Degenerates? I'm down. Being happy should be important to everyone, get on that!!

When did "talk" become the euphemism for "bang"?  This is a good read. And seriously, why is "talk" used this way?

I'm in good company. I don't drink alcohol, neither do these celebs.

20 Life Lessons you should unlearn to be happy.

Why you should tell her she's beautiful. This one made me smile.

I'm also pretty guilty of "reading" my Facebook newsfeed way too often this past week. Call it post-grad life?  Either way, I'm got a few books lined up and hopefully a bunch of exciting articles that I can share next week.

What have you been reading lately?


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