Only Dog-Owners Will Understand

Only the best dog owners...

... lay on the floor and pant with their pup when the going gets tough.

... ask their dog about his/her day when they arrive home.

... have full conversations with their pooch.

... take more selfies with their dog than by themselves.

... allow their puppy friend on all the furniture-couches, futons, beds, etc.

... buy more toys for the doggie than it could possibly want; besides your new shoes are much more fun to carry around the house.

... deal with dog hair like it is an accessory; there is no way to get rid of it.

... have more names for their furry friend than shoes in their closet; and use said names more often than the dog's real name.

... plan their life events and activities around their doggy and his/her needs; they are our furry babies after all.

I love my Ripley more than words can explain! But I also love my other doggy, my friend's dogs, my family member's dogs, and all the strangers' dogs at the park... whoops.
What are some other things you would add to the list?  Which of these do you think is the most ridiculous? We can't all allow our furry friends to dictate our lives after all?

ps--don't hate me for doing a dog edition over a cat edition; I can do one of those if you want too :)


2 thoughts:

  1. this makes me really, really watn a puppy

  2. I am a huge dog lover and probably do all of the things on your list. I totally have full-on conversations with my pup and I definitely use a special voice when I talk to her. lol


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