Life can be a really ugly place if you let it. My last few blog posts really showed some raw emotions that I am feeling while in a new place. But I've been realizing that these feelings are normal. And that they will fade in time.

I found out a long time ago that I have to work for my happiness.  I'm not a ball of sunshine that just rolls out of bed happy everyday.  But that is okay.  I chose happiness in this life and I continue to choose it now.  But happiness is just that, it is a choice. For many people, it is an easy choice. For some people, it is a difficult choice that requires attention and work.

But I'm tired of talking about my happiness being something that I work for.  The more I talk about it, the easier it is for me to dwell on those easy, sometimes negative choices. When I choose happiness now, it is less of a thought process and more of a natural decision.

I decided that I was tired of sitting up at night thinking about the "what ifs" and all those other previously mentioned things. So I sat myself down and read through my bloglovin feed. And I instantly started to feel better. I follow some really positive people in the blogging world.  I love to read about their lives--their successes, their families, their adventures, their hardships and how they overcame them.  I read blogs that allow me to get to know the blogger. I need that connection to people, both in my everyday life and in my blogging life.

Anyway, I was reading about one blogger finding the courage to write an ebook and the struggles that she is facing with not feeling that she is creative enough and not feeling that anyone would benefit from her writing. Well in the past, this blogger's writing has really helped me. So I let her know that. I let her know that she has already touched her readers and that she could continue to do so with her ebook.  I was reading another bloggers post about losing a family member and how that meant losing so much more.  It meant losing someone who believed in her and someone who encouraged her.  But the blog post wasn't written in a negative light, but more a positive one. And I loved that.

I love the people that blogging has allowed me to interact with and I wanted to thank everyone out their who reads my blog, who comments on my rambling posts, and who sends me "love notes" through email.  You are all amazing and I love the support that I receive from you! I hope that you can feel my love when I write back to you or when I check out your blog.

Now I had a totally different idea in mind when I started this post, but this is where we ended up. And I'm going to leave it at that because there are more days in the week and even more in the month.  This blog has become a safe writing place for me and that makes me happy. I hope that my happiness continues to grow as I more freely express myself!


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