Make Your Dreams Big

Two days ago I wrote about being afraid to reach my goals because the end result scared me. I am afraid of the unknown and what comes next. But maybe that's a good thing. Maybe what I'm really scared of is the future because it is something new and something that I cannot predict and plan for.

I am a Type A person, with a huge emotional side--it makes for a great mix. I'm a bit neurotic. I'm organized (with OCD tendencies). I'm a perfectionist about what I do, but never tear apart another person's work. I cry over little things. I react terribly to stress.  I am a HUGE planner. I like everything to be laid out and over organized and I want it to work out how I planned it.

But real life comes with speed bumps and road blocks. It comes with moments that last an eternity and moments that go by way to quickly. Real life don't fit into a planner. It cannot be neatly compartmentalized into neat categories.
Real life is extremely scary for someone who likes things the way I like them. And trust me, I'm the only person who sees everything the way I do. And you're the only person who sees things the way you do. That is the importance of learning to walk in another man's shoes. We are suppose to learn empathy through placing ourselves into the mindset of someone else. (I'll get into my thoughts on all of that in another post).

So I've decided that I'm scared of what's next. I'm scared of what's next because it's big. My dreams are big and while I may be scared, I'm proud.

Here's to you and making your dreams so big that they scare you!


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