making // a pot of coffee, holiday wrapping paper, and people laugh

drinking // too much coffee and tons of water

reading // all the bogs I ignored all week; I don't know how to budget my time

wanting // Thanksgiving break more than anything

watching // Vampire Diaries like an addict ;)

listening // Hozier; Taylor Swift; anything on the coffeehouse station of Spotify

enjoying // coffee; this rainy Sunday; visits from family and friends

feeling // sleepy and drained

laughing // at life

Easy posts are the way to my heart lately. I can't focus long enough to write anything extensive.

BONUS: I usually hate articles that tell you the five things women love about men and vice versa. I mean who are you to tell me what I want in life. However, this one is a pretty decent list.

I'm off to drink another pot of coffee, watch horrible made for tv movies, and do just about nothing else. Rainy Sundays for the win.


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  1. i absolutely love this list. blogging seems so hard right now for me too. i need easy template posts! haha. you and me both are drinking coffee galore these days. i can't get enough! it's just tasting so good. i had a pretty stellar latte yesterday and then some french press today at a fave coffee spot of mine. life is good! and i have been so bad at reading and catching up with my fave blogs lately, too. this season is always busy for me but i just can't seem to do everything on my list lately! time management has never really been my strong suite...


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