Sunday Funday

Carmel apple lollipops and coffee are two of biggest weaknesses. Besides spending my Sunday reviewing my plans for the week, I spent it watching Vampire Diaries. But none of this is really important. Nor does any of it have to do with this post.

Sunday musings, or just a random collection of articles I read this week. You decide.

// What Students Really Need to Hear

// All I Want for Christmas

// Only Anxious People will Understand

// Relationships When you Don't Believe you are Worth Loving

// When you Tell her She's Beautiful

// You Don't Know What You Look Like

// 14 Things to Remember in Your Early 20s

I'm off to eat another lollipop and finish my math assessments!
Enjoy what's left of the weekend!


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  1. Great post, I love finding new, thought provoking articles! Thanks for sharing!


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