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Sunshine makes me happy. We had a few unseasonably warm days at the beginning of last week. I was in the best mood I've been in in a while. I was dancing around and smiling a lot. And people kept asking what was wrong with me. Nothing was wrong; I was happy. Is that such a bad thing?

When someone gives you a compliment but you hardly hear it because it isn't the way you see/feel about yourself. Learn to accept those compliments and hear what people have to say.

Hot baths are good for the soul. However my next apartment or house or whatever it may be, will have a big bathtub. Is it too much to ask for my legs to be completely immersed while also having my shoulders covered?

Singing in the car in inevitable. I don't care who you are if a great song comes on the radio, you jam out. I feel like we should just be accepting of this and sing in front of anyone in the car. First time in my car, you'll undoubtably hear me sing. I can't help it.

That's all I've got for ya kids. Have a great rest of your Wednesday!


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