Colorado: Denver {Day 1}

Part 2 of my Colorado Adventures! If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

Momma and I took a nice long ride back to the Denver Airport only to get into a taxi for the ride downtown. So much car traveling after my days of wandering aimlessly through Colorado Springs. I missed my adventuring already. But I was exhausted; this girl doesn't workout so all the walking had done me under.
Welcome to the Patterson Inn, the cutest Bed & Breakfast in all of Denver (or so I think because it was just darling!). We arrived at the Patterson Inn and there was actually a historic tour of the building going on, so naturally we jumped right into that. I could try to recount the whole story for you but I know I'd fail. So I found this and this which do a great job of explaining the history. Oh and fun fact, it's apparently haunted! Nothing short of excitement when I travel!
So our original room was way up on the third floor and the air conditioner had been causing problems so it was hot, hot, hot up there. Now I don't mind heat, but this girl needs circulating air when she sleeps. The owner was worried about it being too warm and moved us to Mr. Patterson's bedroom. I cannot even explain the "royalness" of this room--gold walls, I kid you not. It was a little much for my taste, but for a two night stay I was ALL about it!
Our Orignal "Bettelejuice-esque" Room; I will be staying here next time!
Our "Royal Suite" upgraded room with all the gold accents. And yes, the phone really worked!

So our first night there we had a tornado warning... like I said, I can't travel without a little excitement. After an hour and a half to two hours of chillin' in the carriage house and listening to hail pelt the building, we decided it was clear enough to venture out. We ended up at a cute little Piano Bar/local bar & grill place (Charlie Brown's). It was dark inside, but the live piano music and amazing food made up for it! Due to the darkness and shear exhaustion, I don't have any pictures of the place or my food... blogger fail.

Now if you have never stayed at a B&B, I recommend it. Seriously just for the breakfast! Morning numero uno we were served Crescent French Toast and Fruit Salad. I never want regular french toast ever again. I could eat this every morning for the rest of forever.

Big plans for day 1 of Denver. We walked approximately 3 miles to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science because yours truly loves nature and science. AND they had a whole DINOSAUR exhibit... and yours truly is a HUGE dinosaur fan! I'm like a seven-year-old boy and I have no shame. I love me some dinosaurs. Alright enough about the dinosaurs. On our walk over, we passed a Voodoo Doughnut which of course meant that we stopped and took a picture because Voodoo Doughnuts. Also because momma went to the one in Portland and so it was fun for her to find another! We also walked passed the biggest high school I have ever seen and through some beautiful parks.
The fountain is in front of the high school... and that LARGE building on the right, is the high school!
Trust me when I say that I spared you about 40 more pictures of dinosaurs. Oh but I did add in the moose and dragon pictures for fun. This museum was amazing! I'd go again and again :)
After the Nature and Science Museum, we decided to walk back a slightly different way so that we could pass the botanical gardens and walk around there for a bit. Now I love nature and flowers as much as the next person, but I was a little skeptical about this one. What does one do at a botanical garden? Well after having been there, I take it all back! I could spend hours wandering the different gardens and listening to the water fountains and just the sounds of nature. So peaceful! BONUS: there were these amazing cast bronze horse sculptures by artist Deborah Butterfield. I was enthralled!
I would have sworn I took more pictures but I can't find them.... just imagine lots of beautiful flowers and secret gardens!
After the gardens, we started our trek back to the inn. We walked through a different park this time and ended up walking through a quiet neighborhood. Which would have been more enjoyable, except the sky was looking more and more ominous every second. We barely made it back to the inn before the downpour (it started drizzling when we were two blocks away). Rain, rain go away! We relaxed for a while... I might have taken a nap. I don't exactly remember taking one, but I don't remember not taking one either.

For dinner we headed to a local pizza place that offered outdoor seating. Outdoor seating was my only requirement for food on this trip. Besides breakfast at the hotel, I ate a total of three meals inside a building. I'd call that a win! Anyway, we went to Oblio's because of the outdoor seating and their website said live music--which is always a plus on my list! Now I would like to not be judged for this next statement: I ate a whole pizza. It was delicious and I regret nothing. I could have gone back the next day; their food was great! At least I can claim that I walked so much that I deserved to have a whole pizza, right?

That's a wrap on day 1. I have totally planned on doing Denver all in one post like Colorado Springs, but as usual I have a lot to say. Come back tomorrow to hear about Days 2 & 3!


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