Happy Tuesday

Alright so since we had a long weekend, I decided that today is my Monday. And because I'm too tired after school today to think of anything thought provoking to write about. So you get to read a Smiling on Monday post, on a Tuesday. You're welcome!

Reasons I'm Smiling Today:

1. Making strangers feel uncomfortable by singing to them at red lights, Happy Tuesday ya'll.

2. Listening to the radio on my way home and they were talking about what colors guys and girls should wear to impress the opposite sex. Now usually I change the station and don't listen to the talking nonsense, because HELLO I need music when I drive. But color me curious, I listened. Verdict: everyone should wear black; girls should wear red; guys should wear gray v-necks..... Two things wrong with this. One, I don't wear red... explains a lot I guess. Two, gray v-necks? Really? Let me just tell you something, wear a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and I'll have your babies. Done. Seriously. That to me is SO much better than a gray v-neck.

3. Compliments. I live for compliments. I know that makes me materialistic or whatever, but I love them. Seriously, a compliment makes you feel so good. Today I was asked if another teacher (from another school) could come into my classroom and observe my phonics lessons. BAM. I love phonics. It is one of my most favorite things to teach. So this was THE BEST compliment to get.

4. It's a four day work week! Enough said.


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