Sunday Currently

reading // the writings of my children. However, I did order two new books on Amazon and cannot wait for them to get here.

writing // very little right now and I don't like it. I need to find some more time to get back to writing

listening // to the Hot 20 Countdown on CMT

thinking // about my to-do list for today and realizing that I really need to get off the couch

smelling // cheesy bread because obviously that's a breakfast food ;)

hoping // for a good week at work!

wearing // gym clothes to help convince myself that this run needs to happen today

loving // hot tea, the cooler mornings, and that Autumn begins on Wednesday

wanting // to finish my laundry so I can leave the house. I have errands to run today but yours truly won't leave the house with the washer or dryer running--call me paranoid

needing // some new Fall decorations, please and thank you. I think that will be part of my errands today

feeling // satisfied with the past week

clicking // all the links on The Sunday Currently and through Pinterest, as usual

I hope everyone has a wonderful and restful Sunday!


4 thoughts:

  1. One of the only reasons I miss having cable is that I can no longer watch CMT Country Music Video Countdowns! Enjoy for both of us, please!

    1. I have a love/hate relationship with cable; it's mostly hate but I can't give up Say Yes to the Dress.... it's a problem.

  2. I found you through Lauren's Sunday Currently! I wish I had some workout clothes that would motivate me to get outside. I guess maybe I need to shop for some new ones. ;-)

    Cheesy bread... yum! That's definitely breakfast.

    1. Thank you for understanding my breakfast choices :)


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