Sunday Currently

reading // a lot about anxiety and the different ways to deal with it, besides taking a little white pill everyday. As the school year is getting more into the swing of things, I'm feeling the stress that comes with it. I'm hoping that we don't repeat last year.

writing // in my journal almost everyday. I've also begun drafting a few posts that will hopefully go up this week. I feel so overwhelmed with work right now that the blog is being neglected...

listening // Drops in The Ocean by Hawk Nelson radio on iTunes radio -- feel good music for this Sunday morning.

thinking // about the week ahead. Friday was pretty rough this past week and I just need for this week to go smoother. I also need to figure out my math groups and get together my guided reading materials. Anyone wanna help? Oh and I need to throw in the pile of laundry that is staring at me.

smelling // my Vanilla Cedar candle.

hoping // that it stops raining soon... we are on day four of nonstop rain. I'm either gonna stop getting out of bed or need to go play in the rain because this cool, wetness is absolutely no fun right now.

wearing // Christmas pajama pants and oversized sweatshirt. I'm also wrapped in ALL the covers on my bed. Like I said, this cool wetness is no fun!

loving // hot tea, pull n' peel twizzlers, and Amazon shipping.

wanting // someone to go get pancakes with me. I'm hardcore missing Jersey diners right now and I want some breakfast food at lunchtime. I don't know why that concept is so hard for everyone here.

needing // for this ridiculous cold (3 weeks strong) to go away! I have been blowing my nose and snuffling nonstop. I think my students forget what my real (healthy) voice sounds like.

feeling // more anxious and tired than usual. I'm going to blame last week. Once this week begins and everything is good, I'll feel better.

clicking // all the links on The Sunday Currently and through Pinterest, as usual.


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