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not shown is my laptop with 13 tabs open...
reading // This week I've been reading a lot... don't ask me how I have the time. Actually, it's because I've mostly given up on sleep. I need a vacation. Anyway, I've been reading my kiddos stories about our weekly book -- so many great connections! Makes me a happy teacher. I've also been trying to keep up with my commitment to 30 Words... honestly it is exhausting to read. It makes me question more things than I did before reading. If that was the point, I wish someone would have told me before I started reading it. I've also been reading A LOT about writing curriculum for the littles and how to make it work with so many different levels in my room. So as you can tell, sleep has been pushed to the wayside... too much going on in this brain of mine.

writing // Well I had intended for a post to go up yesterday about my Fall Obsessions... but somehow I forgot to click publish when I finished it and so it is saved in my drafts. It will be up one day this week! I've also been writing plans galore... ending this quarter and moving into the next one has been over-stressed, and we still have two more weeks of this quarter.

listening // I've been all over the map this week with my music. Lots of early 2000s because that's fun. And I might have played "Locked Away" on repeat until some of my friends were gonna kill me. I currently have on "Drops in the Ocean" (by Hawk Nelson) on itunes radio. Since killing my personal laptop at the end of last school year, I've been listening to itunes radio because I no longer have access to Spotify... Besides that, I'm sure if I got in my car right now it'd be tuned to alternative music. Like I said, all over the map.

thinking // I need to learn to relax and just let life happen sometimes. I like to have control and plan everything out, but it really might kill me if I continue to do things this way.

smelling // Pumpkin Spice candle all week. But I think it gives me a headache...

wearing // I wore a variety of things this week -- lots of boots and skinny pants again. But there was a day with my maxi skirt and I think I wore a dress one day. That's terrible that I cannot remember. Currently, chillin' in my favorite yoga pants and a tank top.

wanting // For words to come more naturally when speaking. I've been told time and time again about how elegantly I can write... thank ya friends! But I seriously sound like a babbling monkey when I try to talk lately. I don't know what the disconnect is but I'd love to be able to speak a coherent sentence without stumbling through my words. Also wanting another day in this weekend, but don't we all.

needing // I need a nap so that I can actually function enough to write some integrated plans for our bats lesson in two weeks. I was out late last night. Let's just say I prefer to lay my little head on my pillow by 10pm... it was 2:30am. But I needed that time with friends. Life is give and take; I'm learning.

feeling // I am feeling all kinds of emotions lately. But mostly I'm just tired and would love for a solid day of sleeping without feeling guilty about not planning. Maybe one day, but not today.


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  1. Yoga pants and a tank top... that sounds like the most comfortable thing ever right now. I'm debating changing. Oh... and did Spotify kill your laptop?! Please say no. Oh, I like Locked Away too. Happy Sunday!

    1. Soon after I finished writing this, I changed into a dress and boots to get some grocery shopping finished. Haven't changed back because I threw in a load of laundry which included most of my comfy clothes... guess I need to fold that. And no I spilled water on my computer, which killed it. And now I use a work laptop and cannot put Spotify on it :/

  2. I'm the same way about talking to people. Sometimes I listen to myself speaking and I don't understand where all the babble comes from.... I hope you get that free day for sleeping and doing nothing soon! Everyone needs one of those once in a while...

    1. It's just... ugh. Now I cannot even form a written sentence haha. It's terrible, but I'm glad that someone else knows how I feel :)


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