Smiling on Monday

Happy Monday, y'all. I'm on one of my positivity kicks, which me happy and life so much easier. I wish life wasn't a constant battle of ups and downs. Happiness is so much easier. So here's five reasons I'm smiling today. 

Reasons I'm Smiling Today:
 one // Tomorrow is my boo's birthday and I'm sooooo happy. Birthdays are my favorite! If this was my phone, I'd be typing all the excited, happy, and lovey emojis because that is obviously the correct reaction.

 two // For the first time since starting the 30 Words book, I finally felt like I understood one of the passages. It was a little miracle moment for me. 

 three // Someone told me they were impressed with everything that I do with my kiddos. Compliments like that, make it worth it. Some days I question if I was meant to be a teacher; today was NOT one of those days!

 four // Letters in the mail. I'm old school that way. Snail mail makes me smile.

 five // Dancing around my living room and kitchen while cooking dinner because sometimes it's the little things in life that make us happy.


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