Why is it so cold?

Happy Monday ladies and gentlemen! We're back again for another edition of Smiling on Monday. But before we get into that, I'd like to talk about the temperature.... why is it so cold?? I have on knee socks, leggings, a winter sweater, a zip-up jacket, a scarf, and a blanket. I'm sorry but when did it become winter? Ugh.

Now we can talk about why I'm smiling today.

Reason 1 // I'm the bestest teacher ever, or so I'm told by my littles. I just adore them. I mean what else would make you smile on a rainy Monday morning?

Reason 2 //  Hot chocolate and blankets straight from the dryer. Seriously the best. Especially with this ridiculous weather.

Reason 3 // One of the littles read me a book on his own today (for the first time) and announced that he now loved reading! I did a happy dance and gave him some "smart beads" because that's what we earn in my class for making smart choices! :)

Reason 4 // Being told I'm loved, always a good feeling.

Reason 5 // Phone calls to and from both of my g-mas. The happiness that comes from a phone call or snail mail is unsurpassed by anything else.


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