Sunday Currently

reading // 30 Words: A Devotional for the Rest of Us; I'm only on day 5 and while I will continue to read it, I'm not sure this was the right place to start with the whole "knowledge" of religion thing. I'm also reading a bunch of children's books about Fall and leaves; and a bunch of information on writing grants for the classroom.

writing // lots of snail mail over the last week; I love getting letters in the mail and sending them is just as much fun for me!

listening //  (and watching) Hot 20 Countdown on CMT

thinking // that I'd love to see some sunshine after the past 10 days of rain and clouds

smelling // cinnamon raisin toast -- YUM

wearing // This week I wore lots of boots and skinny pants; my favorite things about fall. Oh and scarves!

wanting // someone to snuggle on the couch and watch hours of Netflix with me. And I wanted to bake some cookies today.

needing // another day in the weekend... or actually a workday at school where I can be productive and finish some things up. I also need to call my mommom today

feeling // the need to visit the beach... but I want the rain to stop first, please and thanks.

clicking // all over Pinterst and Instagram this week


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  1. Hello there! I found your link on Lauren's blog. I like what you said right there about passion, lately, my life has been all about finding ways to answer that certain calling. Loving your list! :) Have a great week ahead. ^^


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