Sunday Currently

reading // This week I haven't read too much... my brain has just been in a fog. I'm exhausted and in need of a break. Thankfully this week has a break in the middle and I'll be using it to catch up on some personal reading.

writing // Not much lately... again with my head in a fog, it's been hard to focus on anything for too long. I started drafting some posts and I can't find the motivation to finish them. Hopefully that changes soon!

listening/watching // Hallmark Christmas movies. I know, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet. And I truly love Thanksgiving. But I love a Hallmark movie and I love Christmas... put the two together and I'm weak. So yes, I have been binge watching for the past week.

thinking //  About some special people right now :)

wearing // leggings, slippers, and an oversized hoodie #sundayfunday

smelling // my vanilla candle... going to need a new one soon. We killed the Pumpkin Spice one. I'm thinking a wintery/Christmas candle is in our near future

wanting // Someone to come snuggle with me. I have no motivation to get out of my bed but I'd love for someone to come be a vegetable with me.

feeling // all kinds of emotions lately... check back later this week for an update on that


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