Colorado: Denver {Day 2 and 3}

Part 3 of my Colorado Adventures! If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, you can read them here and here.
Day 2 of Denver promised to be a good day! We planned to travel more towards downtown and knew that we wanted to visit a few historical sites and museums. What we didn't know? We were in the Capitol Hill district and sooo close to the city center! We started our day with another wonderful breakfast. The menu called for some egg dish, but I don't happen to eat eggs... so they made me a fruit salad. How sweet!! I'm telling you, you need to go to a B&B.

After breakfast, we took to exploring. We headed towards to the Denver Art Museum knowing that even if we arrived early, there were sculpture gardens outside. It was such a beautiful day for walking around the city and exploring on foot. The city center was so pretty, with grand buildings and fountains. I am still in awe of everything.

After we explored the sculptures and city center, we walked back to the museum. We were able to visit all the exhibits that we wanted and took some fun pictures along the way.
We had an outdoor lunch of sandwiches and salad across from the museum. It was a perfect afternoon. We decided to walk around the area a bit more and came across the Byer-Evans House. The history of Denver is really incredible. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but I recommend it to anyone who likes to learn a bit more about the history of places. It was pretty fantastic.
Look how cute my momma is!
I might have squeezed in another nap before dinner. I am a professional napper and I have no shame. We headed back towards Capitol Hill for dinner. We didn't go quite as far though because we had looked up some places before we left. We ended up at CityGrille because I prefer a local place to a chain restaurant (3 for 3 on our dinners being at local spots!). I had the best buffalo chicken sandwich and mac & cheese. I was sooo full afterwards.
After a long day of exploring the Capitol Hill area of Denver, we headed back to the Patterson. We decided to make a plan for the next day because we would be leaving in the early afternoon.

For our last morning, we had French Toast with Orange Zest. And yes, I capitalize these breakfasts because they are that good! Anyone who knows me knows that I hate citrus fruits (I taught my students to open their oranges by stabbing it with the back of their spoons... I couldn't stand the smell on my hands) so I was nervous about this one but didn't want to be picky and difficult two mornings in a row. It was surprisingly really good! Just a hint of the orange and nothing that I couldn't ignore by adding extra syrup and butter; clearly I'm the perfect picture of healthy haha.
My beautiful breakfast model; oh hey momma!
We decided on the Molly Brown House because we had wanted to do that anyway but didn't have time the previous day. And it was a wonderful decision. Again, we were given a tour of this wonderful historic site. I learned more history about Denver from all of our tours than I know about where I live now... oops!

Did I mention that our upgraded room came with it's own deck and chairs? THE BEST.
We also found a textiles museum full of work from local artists! Our tour guide at the Byer-Evans House let us know about it. I was so excited because really the art that I love is the décor and textiles. The Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art was full of beautiful works of art. It is a smaller museum but I'd recommend it to anyone in the Capitol Hill area of Denver.
Denver was such an incredible vacation. I am so grateful that I was able to experience it with my momma! Stay tuned for more about my food in Colorado Springs and an update on my next travel excursion.


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