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Frolicing with my bestie!
I'm slightly obsessed with Thought Catalog. I read their articles, typically in the middle of the night or right after school. I scour their website for something new and I get regular updates to my Facebook newsfeed.

Since it is Wednesday and I've been spending HOURS in my classroom each day to get it ready for the first day, I don't have much of my own to share. But I do have some Thought Catalog articles that I've read recently.

Recently my mind has been all over the dating scene and relationships, which is evident in a few of my recent posts. I found an article today about being eternally single; hello definition of my life. Pretty much described my feelings about all of this lately.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned some of my religious views (or lack thereof). So this article was an interesting read on being friends with people who are religious when I'm not.

If you follow my instagram, you know that bravery is my word of the week. Here's an article about 12 Simple Ways to Be A Little Bit Braver Every Day.

Just read this one.

And one that's a little more serious because I think that so many people can relate. Eating disorders aren't a joke and neither are "almost" eating disorders. As a society, we need to do a better job of ensuring that positive body image is stressed for all sorts of different bodies!

Hopefully, I'll be a little less tired and a little more exciting tomorrow... here's to almost Thursday!


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