The Sunday Currently

reading nothing worth writing about... I need a good book. Suggestions? I am still working on The Happiness Project, but I need a fun novel. Vacationing to the beach in two weeks and I need some sort of book to bring with me.
writing with lots of tears in my eyes lately. It's been a hard two weeks. But writing helps me work through so many of my thoughts. My journal pages are very full lately. I don't hate it.
I am in need of Spring Break like no other right now.
listening to A Rocket to the Moon and pretty much anything else, just really loud! Loud music makes me feel better when I'm stressed or sad or anything in between.
thinking that I need to calm down and realize that life happens at a different pace for everyone. I need to breathe. Trying to remember that I'm where I'm supposed be right now... I want so much for myself and I can't settle my mind, thoughts reeling.
smelling coconut everything.
wishing that I could learn to relax.
wearing stretchy pants and a gray v-neck (I live in it), and obviously all my bracelets. But my hair is unwashed and hanging loosely everywhere.
wanting to stop feeling guilty for things that I aren't my fault. I read a great Facebook post: "Some people are truly great manipulators. They can lie, cheat, treat you badly and somehow manage to make it all seem like it's your fault. Don't fall for it, that's just what they do."
needing to have a conversation that I'm dreading... maybe I'll hide in my bed with my phone off for a few more days.
thankful for the best friends in the world who come to my rescue time and time again, despite my dramatics.
hoping for better days to come. If we can get through this week without too much excitement, I'll be good to go for the following two weeks.

I might need to make a few changes to my Spring Break plans in order to make a trip to see my family and northern friends. So here's to hoping that I can hold myself together long enough to make it through these last few months of school.


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