How I'm Feeling about Textbooks

Dear Senior Year College,

I have had enough of buying expensive textbooks that I maybe read a total of 2 chapters from...  Seriously professors get your stuff together and pick one textbook that you can teach from instead of 6 that you use 2 chapters from each... ain't nobody got that kind of money.

While, I 'm on this rant let's add in the tests you want me take.  As if college wasn't costing me.. umm my parents... thousands of dollars a year (seriously what is up with out-of-state tuition?!?!), now you want me to pay some more to take some tests before I'll be certified... for real school! My bank account hates me, it hates you, and it loves shoes.

Sigh... I saw this really cute bag and some fabulous cute shoes I wanted but noooo I had to pay for testing... for real.  No one wants to pass up shoes and I had to pass them up for a test.  All to be given a really expensive piece of paper in May... sigh.

Okay, end rant.

Have a beautiful Thursday Bloggers :)


2 thoughts:

  1. your bank account will hate your school for a long time... still paying off my student loans.

  2. I still cannot understand the text book thing!


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