Wordy Wednesday

I've gotten say, I'm not too sure about this one.  When I first read it, I knew that I wanted to share it.  But I wasn't sure if a Wordy Wednesday post was the right place to put it.  But this is where it landed, and where it shall stay.

This quote opens our minds and our hearts.  It makes you take a minute to really think about what you do (and what you've done).  Because let's face it, would you be impressed with yourself if you were blind?  What would become important to you?  And shouldn't that be what is already important.

I think I'm drawn to this quote because it really makes me step back and evaluate my life.  I'm happy with the outcome so far, and I like my odds at making my future dreams come true.  But do I think I've impressed anyone... I'm not sure.  And even if I've impressed people up to this point, is it because they can see what I've accomplished or is it because I express these things in a way that makes them desirable.  I like to think it's the second.  But I'm on my journey now, and it shall continue for some time.  But eventually, I hope to say that I could have impressed even the blind with what I've done with this life of mine.



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