Labor Day Weekend

You know those times when you have a really good span of days and you just can't stop smiling? Well, that was my weekend! I have not been this happy in a while. But I deserve it and I can finally breath normally again. Don't get me wrong, I'll still have anxiety and lots of stress--being away from my family does that to me. But I will not rain on my parade right now! I am so happy :)

This weekend started with a paycheck! Hello happiness. (Then the bills came in the mail... but we can talk about those another time). Friday was a long day but at the end of the day, I realized that I finished my first full week of teaching. Hallelujah! Making through this week was really hard, but definitely made me appreciate all the other teachers in the world a little more.
Friday night, I took a nap on the couch while my friends went out for a drink--yea I'm the exciting one of the group! But then they came home and we just hung out, not really doing anything. But those times make perfect memories to me. To me, it shows that we are comfortable enough with each other to not constantly need other distractions.

Saturday morning started out right when I decided to finally get out of bed at 8:30 and get dressed right away.  The longer I stay in my pajamas, the harder it is for me to get anything done for the day.  I took bagel orders and went out to Panera to get breakfast. Apparently everyone thought I was kidding Friday night when I said that I was going on Saturday morning. But that made it all the more fun for me because I got to surprise people with a breakfast wake up call :) What a good friend I am! Haha, just kidding.
Saturday was filled with very little work for school. Morgan, Mason, and I went for a four mile walk on the Cape Fear River Valley Trail.  It was so peaceful and beautiful. But I forgot to eat lunch so I was a little hungry and cranky... my own fault. We picked flowers and found the river.  We saw the waterfall, which was so peaceful, even running under the railroad tracks. I could have sat out there all day. But we kept moving, and then we saw a snake! Not my proudest moment because I may have screamed like someone was going to murder me... but it really scared me.

One of the Bridges in the Trail
There is a waterfall between the trees if you look closely!
After our walk, we decided that Mexican food for dinner was probably the best idea. So we all went home and showered, and I may have taken a small nap. School makes me extra tired right now. Then Morgan and I stopped at Walmart to buy nachos and cheese and other essential things.  When we got to Mason's, he wanted to return his TV (it was cracked). So back to the car we went. We are nothing if not adventurers. After a half hour detour in our plans, we were headed back to the apartment with a new TV and a very hungry Chandler.
Let's pause and talk about Mexican food for a second. I love my Mexican food. And I really love it with salsa... So when it was discovered that no one had any salsa, my butt got back into the car and went to the store. Now when I go to the store alone, I tend to over buy. So of course I bought chips and pretzels and grapes and salsa. The snacks were bought for Sunday though.
Now we had salsa, nachos, and Morgan was making quesadillas. We set up the TV (harder than it sounds) and watched Happy Gilmore while eating to make my little belly happy.
Then I fell asleep on the couch... really classy I know. I don't think I slept long but I always feel awkward when people have to wake me up and I'm not in my own bed. It's just a thing. Luckily no one cared, or at least they told me they didn't care.

And then we had Sunday. Sunday was Myrtle Beach Day! You have thought I won the lottery by how happy I was to go to the beach.  I woke up at 6:45 and couldn't fall back asleep. So I got up and did laundry. I also typed up the first two days of this post!
Now I want to get something out there, Myrtle Beach is great. But a vacation is only as good as the people you are with. I cannot thank Morgan, Mason, and Emily enough for being my friends and making North Carolina my home away from home.
Now we can talk about how much fun Myrtle Beach was! I may have danced around the house waiting for it to be time to go. We packed the car with all of our things and then we were off. Now being the fantastic (not) singer that I am, I pretty much sang every song for the two hour drive. No one killed me which is a good thing! Once we were at the beach, we realized it was only $5 for all day parking... hello happiness! The beach is honestly the place I feel most comfortable in life. We set up all of our stuff (minus the umbrella, because we have had to move). We swan all day and ate some grapes and sun chips.  We took two walks down the beach (both ways).  We joked about anything and everything; it was such a good day. Around 4:30 we packed up and got changed for dinner.  We went to a tiki bar and had sandwiches and french fries--because we all know that I love me some french fries.
Then we took a long walk (my feet were tired) to a mini golf place and played for ice cream.  Because mini golf is more fun when you are playing for something, even if it's bragging rights! Now I don't want to brag but I may have gotten three hole in ones, two being in a row. However, I was quickly made to be humbled. I got third place out of four, clearly I should go for the pros. Ice cream was gotten after and then we strolled down the beach. And I realized how much I miss home and my mom. But I always remind myself that the same moon I am looking at is the same moon she can see--it's the little things that make me feel better.  After our walk, it was time to go home. Everyone was a little burnt and a lot tired.
Two hours later and it was apparently time to watch a movie. This girl fell asleep on the living floor of Mason's apartment. I'm really classy like that. After the movie, I was woken up to go home. I showered and slept for 7-8 hours.

Monday was a day for planning. Morgan and I wrote out our math and language arts plans in the morning. Then Morgan went to print. I went to sleep. I watched a few episodes of Boy Meets World, because why not. After a three hour nap, we continued planning and I made some food for this week. Shout out to my momma for the Tortellini soup from Seattle, it was really yummy! Late night phone calls, swimming in the pool, and looking for a lost little girl (she was found in her house!) ended out the weekend. And as much as I love my kids, I could really use another day to hang out with my friends and not think about school!

Here's to hoping this week stays positive! And to hoping that you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend as well.


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  1. what a wonderful weekend you had! oh that makes me happy that you had such a fun time with friends. are these new teacher friends? aren't good roommates just great? they're built-in friends! i feel that way about my roommate. she's my bestie and rooms. :-) hope today back to school was ok!


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